In the Calm: A Marauder's Era RPG

In The Calm: A Marauder's Era RPG
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In The Calm is yet another Marauder's Era RPG set in our dear Marauder's sixth year at Hogwarts. Each student has a charmed journal, in which he or she writes entries. These jounals are magically linked in an effort to keep tabs on the students of Hogwarts during a time of uncertainty.

Characters, rules, and applications are below.


!Peter Pettigrew! (Gryffindor, 6th year) -- account available. If you want it, say so in the application.
Caradoc Dearborn (Gryffindor, 5th year)
Otto Bagman (Hufflepuff, 6th year; chaser)
Emmeline Vance (Ravenclaw)
Ted Tonks (Hufflepuff)
Amy Bones (Hufflepuff)


Professor McGonagall (i_wear_tartans)
Professor Bertrand
Professor Flitwick (_charmedimsure)
Professor Sprout

James Potter (pranking_james)
Lily Evans (_lily_evans)
Sirius Black (solemnlyswear)
Remus Lupin (themortalmoon)
Peter Pettigrew (rat_tail) PERMANENT PLAYER NEEDED.
Alice Dodderidge (twas_brillig)
Kingsley Shacklebolt (skingsley)
Frank Longbottom (top_boy_frank)

Severus Snape (dungeondweller)
Bellatrix Black (the_amazon_star)
Regulus Black (theblackprince)
Rabastan Lestrange (snake_eyed)
Evan Rosier (beyond_you)
Rodolphus Lestrange (potestas_est)
Narcissa Black (lovely_anguish)

Andromeda Black (a_black_star)
Kirley McCormack (royal_rocker)
Meghan McCormack (keepingthepride)
Marlene McKinnon (light_tower)

Gilderoy Lockhart (thegildedmirror)
Ludo Bagman (wimbournewasps)
Bertha Jorkins (b_jorkins)


-All principle characters (ie, MWPP, Lily Evans, Severus Snape) must post at least once a week. If you can not, for whatever reason, please notify the mods beforehand.
-All other characters not mentioned above, must post at least once every two weeks, but preferably more frequently. Same goes for if you are going to be gone, as what is stated above.
-As of 12/2/03, all in-action posts (ie, *laughs*, ::smirk::) are strictly prohibited. This is a journal, NOT a live action account. Your characters are writing their responses using quills and ink. No computers. No typewriters.
-Privates are permitted, but not encouraged. Assume all privates are written in some sort of invisible ink. We'd like the specifics of what's going on to be left up to the imagination of the reader until revealed in the open.
-No OCs, sorry.
-inthecalm is where all IN CHARACTER POSTS/ANNOUNCEMENTS are posted. Your character's private journal is up to your discretion, but anything in inthecalm is for the general public. No privates are allowed here, even in the replies.
-CANON is first and foremost. We do not want to see stereotypical fandom things such as Sirius the Gryffindor slut, Remus and his mating for life, Severus the weak and abused. If your character never features in the book, please come up with a really original and witty idea for it.
-Slash is welcome, but think realistically. Every student is not going to be gay/lesbian/bi. At the moment, I believe we are topping the slash charts, so no more gay/bi/lesbian/questioning sexualities will be allowed at this time. It gets too chaotic. OH, and post with some sort of restraint. Be vague. Everyone is reading these journals; if you post something about having sex for everyone to see, EVERYONE WILL SEE IT. Keep it clean enough. Swearing is permitted. Innuendo is also permitted.
-God-moding and power playing will result in a servere warning/possible removal from the rpg. No going through with any plot unless the key players are notified. Can't get a hold of them, don't go through with it!
-Please have an AIM screen name. You can make one here.
-Any character not listed as being available to apply for, is not a character in this rpg thus far, so do not ask/apply for them.
-itc_extras is where you post OOC threads. All posts must be friends-locked or they will be deleted without warning.
-Professors can only comment in the journals and posts of other professors, or posts directed to them. They stay out of the student's journals and do not monitor them -- or do they? The professors are the Heads of Houses, and make announcements, give detentions, and give/take away points.

-Your name:
-Your e-mail:
-Your AIM sn:
-Personality description:
-Brief physical description (can be changed at a later time, if you should change your mind):
-Short, short, short sample entry (briefly explain your day at school):

All players have access to the resource page, which gives the Quidditch teams, Hogsmeade dates, and class schedules.

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Mods: inthecalmrpg@yahoo.co.uk

(ripping anything off of any other rpg is strictly prohibited, and will get you kicked out, no exceptions.)